2018 Valentine Special


Skinny Dip Candles

The perfect Valentine Gift that will be remembered forever!

They’re candles, lotion, massage oil, and body balm in one! Just one dip and your skin will never be the same!

Use the rich, warm and super emollient lotion to moisturize and nourish your skin. Hence the name . . . Skinny Dip Candles.

Use them on cuticles, elbows, feet, or dry skin anywhere. They’re a fabulous massage oil, too! What will be your favorite use?

Wondering how to use massage candles? Skinny Dip Candles are easy and fun! And rest assured, they will not burn you! Because of the ingredients in Skinny Dip Candles, they have a very low melt point. When fully melted they’re just 102 degrees — not even as warm as a hot tub.

To use your Skinny Dip Candle, simply light it and let a melt pool form.  Extinguish the flame! (As you know, the flame itself is always hot so please blow it out before using.) You can dip your fingers directly into the melted oils, or you can use the little scoop that is included inside of each tin to dip a small amount out to use.

Use the warmed lotion on your cuticles, elbows, heels, or other dry skin areas on the body.  You can also pour the melted oils out of the tin and use the Skinny Dip Candle for massage. Use sparingly. A little bit goes a long way!

Everyone wants to be pampered and the Skinny Dip Candle does just that!


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Feeling Flirty, Seduction, Sex on the Beach and Wedding Cake