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“The Skinny Dip Candle…what a fantastic idea! It not only smells just divine, but it also does wonders for my skin. I love to use it on my cuticles as well as my feet–especially after a pedicure. Thanks for such a wonderful, all-natural product!”
~ Carol Blodgett, Missoula, MT

“These Skinny Dip Candles are amazing! After a nice bath, or just before going to bed…the all natural ingredients from these candles soothe my skin, and keep my elbows and heels feeling soft for days. It’s like having a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!”
~ Kara Schultz, Orlando, FL

“I took a Skinny Dip Candle to work and showed it to my co-workers. Next thing I knew, I had orders for 31 of them! Everyone absolutely loves them!”
~ Ruth Popiel, Aurora, CO

“I adore these Skinny Dip Candles! I was so excited about them, I wanted to share with my boyfriend, who quite honestly thought they were a little “girlie” for him. . . until I used the warm lotion to give him a massage! Now he’s asking for a massage every night! These are the best!”
~ Colleen Kocubinski, Portland, OR

“I had the driest, roughest heels in the world. I’ve tried just about everything. And then I discovered the Skinny Dip Candle. It is amazing! My heels are soft and actually feel like they belong to me again. Plus, they are such fun to use. I’ll be buying many more!”
~ Tammy Scully, Austin, TX

“These candles are the most wonderful and affordable little luxuries I’ve ever found! I’ve tried several scents and love them all. I’ve given several as gifts and everyone asks me where I got them and they all want more for themselves. They’ve become my trademark gift! This year my family, friends and co-workers will be getting these as stocking stuffers, Secret Santa and Gift Exchange gifts. Thanks for making gift buying so easy!”
~ Janna Brown, Lakewood, CO

“My husband bought a Skinny Dip candle for me. It is amazing! I have chronic dry hands and feet and the difference in my skin is incredible! I have told my sister to get in touch with you to buy the candles to sell in her store in Arizona.” (Note: her sister became a repeat wholesale customer.)
~ Heidi Bookheim, Round Rock, TX

“I’ve used so many products over the years that were just ‘so-so’ and many that just didn’t work. Here is a product that is clever, fun AND it works unbelievably well! I’m hooked. . . in a very good way!”
~ Alisha Jones, Phoenix, AZ

“I couldn’t believe how such a little bit of the Skinny Dip Candle went such a long way! It’s a wonderful product and such a great price. I have three in different scents and love them all. I’m anxious to try your new scents. Thanx for such a great product!”
~ Natalie Lemon, Minneapolis, MN

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