Skinny Dip Massage Candle Scents

Skinny Dip massage candle scents now total 36+Our massage candle scents list keeps growing!

Those scents that are all-natural are made from essential oils and are indicated by an (EO). If there is no (EO) designation, the scent also includes man-made fragrance.

Ambrosia  An exquisite tropical blend of oranges, coconut, peaches and more (note: same scent as Sex on the Beach, just a different name)

Angel Food Cake — A lovely, soft vanilla scent with deliciously sweet undertones (best seller)

Bare Naked (Unscented) — For those preferring to go au naturale, this one has NO fragrance added

Between the Sheets — New! A soft, fresh scent of freshly laundered, soft and sensuous sheets.

Black Raspberry Vanilla — A luscious blend of dark, juicy raspberries and rich, creamy vanilla (best seller)

Candy Cane (EO) — A sweet peppermint that smells just like your favorite candy cane Christmas candy. Happy Holidays : )

Chamomile Neroli (EO) — A fabulous, soft scent blending chamomile with a touch of Neroli — delicious!

Chocolate Silk — A decadent chocolate for serious chocoholics – and without any calories!

Coconut Lime Verbena — An awesome blend of ripe coconut with fresh, juicy lime

Cranberry Citrus — A wonderful blend of fresh cranberries and sumptuous citrus. Perfect for the holidays.

Creme Brulee — A delicious scents that smells just like the real thing (just less calories!)

Cucumber and Melon — A traditional favorite – the perfect blend of two terrific scents (best seller)

Eucalyptus Mint (EO) — A zippy combination of eucalyptus and spearmint (heavier on the mint)

Feeling Flirty — A playful and flirtatious scent that smells just like the  incredibly popular Love Spelltm fragrance from Victoria’s Secret (a best seller)

Frankincense & Myrrh (EO) — A rich and earthy blend of the very scents the Wisemen brought as gifts to Baby Jesus.

Ginger, Sage & Lemongrass (EO) — A delightful, light citrus mix containing three exquisite essential oils — a very “gender neutral” scent

Grapefruit Bergamot (EO) — This light, refreshing scent became a favorite right away …. a sweeter grapefruit with a touch of bergamot to make it truly divine

Honey Almond (EO) — An exquisite, rich blend of essential oils that create an amazing almond and sweet honey scent (best seller)

Lavender (EO) — A very smooth and ultra-relaxing essential oil blend of English lavender with soft vanilla (best seller)

Mandarin Patchouli (EO) — An earthy blend of mellowing patchouli with the delightful addition of mandarin orange  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Mango Papaya — A delightful, delectable, tropical blend of mango and papaya

Montana Huckleberry — A wonderfully unique, high country wild berry fragrance (caution: do not use this scent in bear country — we’re serious!)

Orange Spice — A warm and cozy scent that is reminiscent of “Friendship Tea” — the infamous tea made with Tang, sugar, cinammon, cloves and team.

Peppermint Thyme (EO) — A lively, mint lover’s blend — the peppermint is lovely and not too heavy (and feet love it!)

Pink Sugar — A heavenly sweet, sugary scent. This candle is also labeled with the breast cancer ribbon to promote breast cancer awareness. It is often used as a fund-raising candle. (best seller)

Pomegranate Fig — Hard to describe, but an absolutely incredible scent! A rich, exquisite fragrance — our very own creation. (best seller)

Raindrops — An exceptionally clean scent – perfect for those who prefer a fresh type scent rather than floral or fruity

Seduction — A sexy and sultry scent that combines french vanilla, amber and musk

Sex on the Beach — Just like the drink of the same name (same scent as Ambrosia, but with a more provocative name : ) (best seller)

So Sexy for Him — An incredible scent just for men, it’s a fabulous and masculine cologne type scent! (best seller)

Spiced Pumpkin — No better fall and winter scent! Delicious pumpkin with just the right amount of spice. (seasonal best seller)

Spring Lilac — An exquisite floral fragrance that spells exactly like fresh, blooming lilacs. (We’ve never smelled a lilac scent so true. This scent has lots of fans who feel the same!)

Strawberries & Champagne — A romantic blend of strawberries and the bubbly essence of champagne.

Wedding Cake — Sinfully sweet, rich, and delicious vanilla . . . and perfect for bridal showers, bridesmaids’ gifts, and honeymoon surprises.