Are Massage Candles Safe?

A question we get a lot is: “Are massage candles safe?
And the answer we give is: “Yes — usually.”

Single Massage Candle Burning Prior to PouringThe reason is this. Massage candles made correctly are perfectly safe — but not all massage candles are made they way they should be. With the growing popularity of candles made specifically for use on the skin, many traditional candle makers have decided to start making massage candles. In some cases, that’s where the problem lies.

Traditional candles may be made of soy which is also safe to use on skin. However, scents used for traditional candles are not all body safe. Even if the fragrance itself is safe for body use, to be skin-safe, the amount of fragrance oil used in each candle must be much less than what is typically added to candles that are meant to scent a room.

We have occasionally bumped into makers of “massage candles” at craft shows and local markets that promote their body candles as “highly scented.” If a candle is fragranced enough to be called “highly scented,” those candles contain way too much fragrance oil to be safely used on your body. Further, candles made for body use should not contain traditional candle dye. Candle dye is not body safe.

Many makers of traditional candles are not aware that when a candle is marketed for body use, those candles fall under the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If a traditional candle maker starts selling their soy candles as massage candles, that affects the amount and type of fragrance oil that can be used, what kinds of dyes can be used, and how those candles must be labeled for FDA compliance. Sadly, there are too many makers that simply do not know what they are doing.

To protect yourself, make sure that any massage candle you purchase features proper labeling with a full, detailed list of ingredients, as well as instructions for use. If the candle is marketed as “highly scented,” pass it by. And to make it easy, you can rest assured that Skinny Dip Candles are always safe — always affordable — and always made with the finest cosmetic-grade ingredients.

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