Romantic Massage: A Quick Guide

Article by Michele Lloyd

Romantic Massage with Skinny Dip Massage CandlesA memorable romantic massage takes planning and preparation. What you do before you actually give the massage are just as important as the massage technique itself. Establishing an appropriate mood is essential to make your romantic massage as erotic and satisfying as intended.

Setting the Mood
A romantic massage should be a sensual, even erotic, experience. To make sure that both you and your partner have a satisfying and pleasurable experience, use the tips below to set the mood for a truly sensual and romantic massage.

• Plan for Privacy – Prepare ahead of time to eliminate interruptions. Arrange for children to be elsewhere, lock your doors, silence the phone, and find ways to avoid any potential distractions.

• Select an Ideal Location – Arrange a comfortable and ample massage area. Soft beds are always much more comfortable than awkward couches or a hard floor. Also control the temperature to ensure that the room is neither too warm nor too cool. You want your partner to enjoy a truly romantic massage without excessive heat or chill.

• Establish Romantic Ambiance – It’s important to convey a romantic, sensual mood. Start by dimming the lights and by playing some relaxing, sensual or erotic music. Then light some candles to emit a romantic glow and subtle fragrance.  For an added treat, use one of the new massage candles especially developed for use when giving massages. Not only will the massage candle provide a romantic and relaxing ambiance, but it melts to become a warm and sensual massage oil that is ideal for giving the massage itself.

• Make Personal Preparations – Before beginning the massage, suggest that your partner take a luxurious bath, complete with bath salts and candlelight. Your partner will be freshly bathed, fully relaxed, and ready to enjoy your adeptly delivered romantic massage.

Giving the Massage
First, don’t worry that you’re not an expert –you don’t want to be stressed. Rather, relax and enjoy the experience. Because this is an erotic massage, rather than one for therapeutic effect, you do not need to worry about exact techniques. An erotic massage is intended to relax your partner and set the stage for a romantic interlude. This is quite easy to achieve, even for beginners, if you follow these simple tips.

Make sure to start slowly, being sensitive to your partner’s response. You can then adjust your technique as necessary or desired. While giving a great massage takes a bit of practice, it is almost impossible to give a bad one. Simply strive to keep your movements tender and rhythmic, and remain aware of how your partner is responding.

As you get started, simply apply some massage oil or cream in your hands and warm it prior to starting. If you’re using a massage candle for this purpose, your oil will already be warmed to just above body temperature and it will be immediately ready for use. Be sure to use an appropriate amount to lubricate the skin and make it easy to glide over the skin, but not so much that it becomes difficult to control. It is sometimes helpful to practice on your own stomach or legs to get the feel for how much massage oil works best.

Where should you start the massage? That’s really up to you. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to begin, although it may be somewhat natural to start with your partner lying on his or her stomach. Some find it most natural to start at the shoulders, then move to the neck, down the shoulders again, and then on to arms, upper back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and eventually the feet.

At that point, you might wish to have your partner turn over onto his or her back. You might want to start at the feet and gradually work your way back up the body. Some suggest working on the feet and legs, then move up to the upper body, slowly working back down toward the stomach and pelvic area. Spending more time massaging certain areas than others, is both appropriate and desirable. Just be sure not to dwell too long on areas of extra sensitivity.

Some body areas are best massaged more softly, while others typically respond easily to deeper massage. Simply start experimenting, remembering to always be tender and to keep your motions flowing. The whole point of romantic massage involves touching in a way that will subtly arouse your partner sexually. As you explore his or her body, try to do so in a way that creates a continuous flow of movement, as well as to increase the level of intimacy as the massage progresses.

If you are doing a romantic massage for the first time, or learning to please and understand a new partner’s sensuality, it’s very important for you to communicate. You do not need to ask your partner if every motion you use feels pleasurable. However, don’t be afraid to ask your partner whether he or she would prefer that you massage a particular area more softly or slowly, for example.

Your partner’s breathing can also provide a strong sense of how you are doing. Your partner’s breathing can provide you with information about their state of relaxation and/or sensual arousal. As the massage progresses, their breathing may indicate a more aroused state. If that is intended, this may give you exactly the type of feedback you are hoping for!

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no correct way to do a romantic massage. Just stay focused on your partner’s responses and adjust your massage techniques accordingly. As you become more experienced, it will become second nature to you. In the meantime, enjoy giving your partner an erotic massage. You’ll most likely enjoy an incredible romantic interlude after!

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