Romantic Candles — Sensual & Seductive

Romantic Candle -- from Skinny Dip CandlesIntroducing Skinny Dip Candles… truly sensual, romantic candles made specifically for use on the body. These massage candles are made of a proprietary combination of skin moisturizing ingredients that form a warm, sensual  lotion when melted.  When lit, the candles  melts at a very low temperature – just 102 degrees so they are deliciously warm . . . never hot.

Surprise her with romantic candles that are both versatile and sensual. Light one and let it set a romantic mood. Then, as it melts, it becomes a sumptuous massage oil . . . perfect for pampering your special  partner. Available in more than 30 sumptuous scents, you’re sure to find an exquisite fragrances that will set a perfect mood.

Super emollient and lightly scented, these romantic candles are made of cosmetic-grade soy, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter, vitamin E and other skin nurturing ingredients. They are absolutely perfect for a romantic, sensual massage, and also provide wonderful moisturizing benefits to the skin.  

The Skinny Dip Candle is fantastic for romance and massage! My husband and I just
took one with us to a weekend getaway.  It set a wonderful mood with its subtle scent,
and then we used the melted lotion to give each other sensual massages.
Let’s just say it’s an experience we’ll be repeating again soon!
Donna Davis – Sacramento, CA

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To use this massage candle, simply light it and enjoy it as a mood setting candle as it starts to melt.  As it burns, it turns to warm massage oil that’s slightly above body temperature at just 102 degrees. You can use the melted oil immediately. You won’t need a lot – a little goes a very long ways. You can also use the warmed oil on dry skin areas to moisturize and nourish your skin. It will completely soak into the skin within just a few minutes, leaving the skin feeling amazingly smooth and moisturized. These are romantic candles, but so much more!

I wanted to give my girlfriend a night she wouldn’t forget. I bought one of your
candles and surprised her with it. She loves candles and thought I was a real sweetheart for
thinking of her. What she didn’t expect was the fantastic, sexy massage I gave her with it!
It truly created a special mood and we both had a night to remember!
Jeff Walker – Sacramento, CA

The massage candle can also be used in its unmelted state when taking time to light and melt it just isn’t practical. Simply scoop a bit of the solid candle balm and use it to massage aching or tight muscles or to moisturize dry skin.

I adore these Skinny Dip Candles! I was so excited about them, I wanted to share with
my boyfriend, who quite honestly thought they were a little “girlie” for him. . . until I used the
warm lotion to give him a massage! Now he’s asking for a massage every night!
Colleen Kocubinski – Portland, OR

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