New Skinny Dip Website is Live!

It’s been a long time coming, but today was the day! We finally launched the all NEW Skinny Dip Candle website. While our original website had served us well, it was well past its prime and a new site was much needed. (See screen shot of the old site below.) How things have changed in 6 years!

Original Skinny Dip Candle Website

Screen capture of the original Skinny Dip Candle website. Built in 2006, it was more than showing its age.

Here are just a few website enhancements that come with the new site:

Easier navigation — new top navigation with drop-down menus to help you easily find what you’re looking for.

Easier to use shopping cart — if you want multiples of one scent, you can change the quantity at the start.

Easier to find information — about how to use, ingredients, fragrance descriptions, and other common questions.

New blog! Be watching for all kinds of info to be added regularly!

Easier to view shopping cart — your cart total is always in the sidebar for quick reference and access. ==>

Links to our Facebook and Twitter pages — we’d love you to follow us.

Social sharing buttons — to make it easy for you to share our site and blog with others. ; )

Our new site, developed by Impact Online Marketing, is much more user-friendly, while still maintaining the personality of our original site. We certainly couldn’t get rid of our Skinny Dipping Lady or our infamous “Go Skinny Dipping” icon ; )

Watch for new blog posts coming soon. We encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a post.  We’re excited to share some fun and interesting things with you. We hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as we’ll enjoy sharing!

We appreciate our customers and thank you sincerely for your support of Skinny Dip Candles!