Are you ready for Spring?

Feel glamorous this Spring with the moisturizing properties of a Skinny Dip Candle!  Great for moisturizing your skin and fantastic for sandal weather.  Nothing works on dry heels and toes like a Skinny Dip Candle!

Yes, you are entitled to great looking skin!

Spring Skinny Dip Candle bundle:  Sweet Pea, Raindrops, Cucumber & Melon, and Ginger Sage & Lemongrass for just $35.96

Great tip for fantastic looking feet: buff off dry, rough skin with a pumice stone or whatever tool is your preference. Then apply the Skinny Dip Candle in its solid form — use the little scoop inside to pull some out. Rub the candle “wax” into your skin generously — it’s a fantastic body balm when used solid. Shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and even more moisturizing ingredients are well documented for their moisturizing properties. After rubbing these oils into your skin, put on a pair of soft socks and go to bed with the socks on. In the morning, you won’t believe the difference in the skin on your tootsies.


Single Skinny Dip Massage Candle Burning Prior to Pouring and Use 

Sweet Pea, Raindrops, Cucumber & Melon and Ginger Sage and Lemongrass