Candle & Holder Gift Bundle
Side view of cement candle holder showing semi-porous and smooth texture. Close-up of match pocket on side with colorful matches inside.
Honey Almond candle bundle image showing higher level view of cement candle holder with Honey Almond candle inside, matching "We bee-long together" card and colorful matches.
A view of the candle holder on a nightstand. Candle is lit and there is a soft glow around it.
"Honey, we bee-long together!" Card message with two smiling bees to match the the Honey Almond scent.
Candle & Holder Gift Bundle
"I'm coco-nuts about you!" card with smiling coconut to match the Coconut Lime Verbena scent and Passionate Pina Colada flavor.
"Oh man, I love you!" card with mustachioed man and purple hearts to match the So Sexy for Him scent.
"You're one in a melon!" card with a blushing honeydew melon to match the Cucumber and Melon scent and Melon Mischief flavor.
"Orange you glad we're together?" card with a smiling orange to match the Cutie Patchouli scent and Orgasmic Orange flavor.
"You're a peach!" card with peach emoji-looking image to match the Sex on the Beach scent and Peach Pleasure flavor.
"Rain or shine, will you be mine?" card with a smiling sun holding a smiling cloud to match the Kisses in the Rain scent.
"I always said'uce were amazing!" card with lipstick kiss to match the Seduction scent.
"Loving you is a piece of cake!" card with a smiling vanilla cake piece to match the Vanilla Cake/Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake scent.
"You like me up!" card with a heart inside a flame to use as a generic message.

Candle & Holder Gift Bundle

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We partnered with Linden Handcrafted of Kalispell, MT, to bring you a cute way to display your Skinny Dip Candle, have your matches on hand, and keep your furniture safe from the candle's warmth.

Included in the bundle:

- 1 Cement candle holder with match pouch on side
- 1 Skinny Dip Candle (4oz) of choice from selections
- 15 Colorful matches
- 5 Adhesive match strikepads to stick where you wish
- 1 Pun-ny card to either match your selected candle or a generic message as you wish

Please note this item will not ship until February. It will ship no later than February 8th so that it will arrive in time for Valentine's Day.