Honey Almond candle bundle image showing higher level view of cement candle holder with Honey Almond candle inside, matching "We bee-long together" card and colorful matches.
Candle & Holder Gift Bundle
Side view of cement candle holder showing semi-porous and smooth texture. Close-up of match pocket on side with colorful matches inside.
A view of the candle holder on a nightstand. Candle is lit and there is a soft glow around it.
"Honey, we bee-long together!" Card message with two smiling bees to match the the Honey Almond scent.
Candle & Holder Gift Bundle
"I'm coco-nuts about you!" card with smiling coconut to match the Coconut Lime Verbena scent and Passionate Pina Colada flavor.
"Oh man, I love you!" card with mustachioed man and purple hearts to match the So Sexy for Him scent.
"You're one in a melon!" card with a blushing honeydew melon to match the Cucumber and Melon scent and Melon Mischief flavor.
"Orange you glad we're together?" card with a smiling orange to match the Cutie Patchouli scent and Orgasmic Orange flavor.
"You're a peach!" card with peach emoji-looking image to match the Sex on the Beach scent and Peach Pleasure flavor.
"Rain or shine, will you be mine?" card with a smiling sun holding a smiling cloud to match the Kisses in the Rain scent.
"I always said'uce were amazing!" card with lipstick kiss to match the Seduction scent.
"Loving you is a piece of cake!" card with a smiling vanilla cake piece to match the Vanilla Cake/Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake scent.
"You like me up!" card with a heart inside a flame to use as a generic message.

Candle & Holder Gift Bundle

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We partnered with Linden Handcrafted of Kalispell, MT, to bring you a cute way to display your Skinny Dip Candle, have your matches on hand, and keep your furniture safe from the candle's warmth.

Included in the bundle:

- 1 Cement candle holder with match pouch on side
- 1 Skinny Dip Candle (4oz) of choice from selections
- 15 Colorful matches
- 5 Adhesive match strikepads to stick where you wish
- 1 Pun-ny card to either match your selected candle or a generic message as you wish