A lit Skinny Dip Candle sits on a mahogany table with white lace in the background. Chocolate shavings are scattered around the candle and a dried pink rose is next to it.
The label for the Chocolate Decadence Sensual Edible Candle is round with a naked woman standing in water with her back to the viewer. The text says Skinny Dip Candles, Go Skinny Dipping with the Candle that Pampers Your Skin. It also says Chocolate Decadence, Sensual Edible.

Sensual Edible Candle (Chocolate Decadence)

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There is just something innately lavish and sensual about chocolate. It's a staple in bedroom novelties and for good reason! Our dark Chocolate Decadence Sensual Edible Candle is the best way to spoil your lover.

Yes, this candle is completely safe for both your skin and your tongue! It's ideal for wax play (it won't burn you!) and creates a unique, sexy, and luxurious form of intimacy.


Cosmetic-grade Soy Wax, Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Oil, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Skin-safe & Edible Unsweetened Flavor Oil.