3 Ways to a More Sustainable Holiday

Part of our mission at Skinny Dip Candle is sustainability. We strive to select clean ingredients that are close to home to cut down on the effects of shipping, encourage re-using (or at least recycling) our tins, and re-use packaging materials to reduce waste.

So, we hope you'll join our efforts and try these three simple ways to cut down on waste this holiday season.


1. Shop Local

This is a big way to reduce your environmental impact both under the tree and on the table! Not only do you support your neighbors (who do a happy dance with each purchase), but you'll also know exactly what you're getting in a product, are reducing shipping/other large-company emissions, keeping money in your local economy, and so much more as shown beautifully here.

Remember to support your local farmers and ranchers, too!


2. Use Non-Traditional or Thrifted Décor

Here's your chance to get creative! Go on a hike and pick up fallen tree branches to hang instead of a wreath, put in vases or use as a centerpiece. Get the family together to slice up oranges, dehydrate and string for a classic garland.

Then visit your local thrift stores for some amazing items at cheap prices. From faux trees to lights, pictures and collectible holiday houses, you'd be surprised what you can find!


3. Remember it's Not Just About Stuff

I know it's easy to get caught up in giving. And it feels good to make a loved one happy! But remember, you don't have to go overboard and, sometimes, an experience (or simply your time) is worth much more to someone than the latest gadget.

For example, I recently learned our small local theatre has a $60 two-person annual membership that gives you $2 off every ticket purchase and 2 free popcorns a month! What an amazing way to give both your time and a mini adventure throughout the year!

Is your giftee in a different town? There are lots of very cool virtual gift options, too!



What are some of your favorite ways to be more sustainable for the holidays? Share your thoughts below!


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