• the original body candle

  • Man gets massage on bed with candles on tray next to him.
  • Skinny Dip Candles lit with a smoky backdrop of plants and salt lamp.

the original body candle

The aesthetic & aromatherapeutic qualities of candles, skin-nourishing properties of lotion, and the physical & emotional benefits of massage

We've combined several everyday items you already use and associate with self care and intimacy into one high quality product that helps you slow down, reconnect with yourself, or create an intimate moment with a partner using your senses!

Scent is the most powerful receptor for memory. Each time you smell your candle, you can quickly recall the moments surrounding it. But, any candle can do that! We also incorporate your sense of touch to deepen your connections. Touch is a powerful, yet under-utilized form of communication that conveys affection, builds trust and even decreases stress.

Our cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing formula:

· Acts as a 4-in-1 candle, lotion, massage oil & balm

· Melts at a comfortable 102 degrees so it won’t burn you

· Has unmatched glide for massage

· Is made with natural ingredients (and conscious packaging) sourced as close to home as possible to reduce environmental impact

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