• Lit candle in tin with stacked candles behind with green leafy plant amongst them.

Go Skinny Dipping with the Original

Our natural products are specially crafted to work with your body to heal and encourage personal wellness as well as intimacy.

Since 2004, Skinny Dip has offered a complete line of lotion/massage candles (the first!) featuring a proprietary blend of natural, cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing ingredients. Simply melt a pool into the candle and use the rich, warm wax for hands, cuticles, dry areas on the body, and as a deliciously warm massage oil. Read More About Us!

Our mission is to create a community that embraces our differences! We want each of our customers to feel confident from the inside out by shedding any expectations, running toward joy, and jumping at the chance to be wholly and uniquely themselves. Every day is an opportunity to refresh and you deserve to go Skinny Dipping! Learn More About Our Mission