• man scoops hot wax from body candle

    the original body candle

  • Man gets massage on bed with candles on tray next to him.
  • Skinny Dip Candles lit with a smoky backdrop of plants and salt lamp.

the original body candle

Come on In, the Wax is Fine!

Skinny dipping is about being your naked self and seizing the exhilaration it brings with it. Nowadays, it’s so easy to feel disconnected or afraid to show who you really are. Our body candles offer a pool (of warm, cozy wax) you can always jump into to reconnect with yourself, or create an intimate moment with another, using your senses.

Scent is the most powerful receptor for memory. Each time you smell your candle, you can quickly recall the moments surrounding it. But, any candle can do that! We also incorporate your sense of touch to deepen your connections. Touch is fundamental to human communication, bonding, and health.

Since 2004, Skinny Dip has offered a complete line of 4-in-1 lotion, massage oil and body balm candles (the first!) featuring a proprietary blend of natural, cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing ingredients. Simply melt a pool into the candle and use the rich, warm wax for hands, cuticles, dry areas on the body, and as a deliciously warm massage oil. Delight your senses and go Skinny Dipping!

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