Stacked Skinny Dip candles sit on a book and in front of a small hoya in a decorative ceramic vase.

Since 2004, Montana-based Skinny Dip Candles has offered a complete line
of lotion candles (the first!) featuring a proprietary blend of natural, cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing ingredients.

Our mission is to inspire confidence through self care, personal wellness and intimacy with a quality product that caters to physical and emotional connection.

We help our customers embrace who they are from the inside out!

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Why add Skinny Dip Candles to your inventory? Just ask our customers!

They Work: "I've used a lot of [massage candles] and most of them honestly suck. The consistency is weird or it absorbs too quickly, etc. This one though? Fantastic! It lasted the entire 30 minutes without needing reapplication. The scent was soft, strong and yet somehow not overpowering. Also my hands are EXTREMELY well moisturized." - Patty S.

They're High Value: "I love the scents and quality of the candles. They smell great, but also work wonders on my dry winter/COVID-constant-washing hands! And don't get me started on my dry feet or the massage factor!" - Katie V.

They're Habit Forming: "I love using my lavender candle every morning. It's part of my routine to light at my desk and use the oil as hand moisturizer." - Sarah B.

They Inspire Connection: "My hubby and I have discovered the edible massage candles! Wow! Another fun massage candle for intimate times together. I highly recommend. The candles have enhanced our special times together." - Linda R.

They're Unique: "We have been purchasing custom label Skinny Dip Candles and Minis, and we love them! The custom label is perfect, and our customers have enjoyed purchasing them and receiving them as part of our Giveaway Baskets! The minis are a great addition to any basket, and I like using them as a balm option without the wick. Highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a little something extra for a gift, or to treat yourself!" - Amy G.

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    Terms and Pricing

    Wholesale cost is 50% of retail prices as shown on the website plus shipping. Turnaround is typically 3-4 business days.

    We offer traditional wholesale (you use our labels) with a two case minimum. A case is equal to 12 four-ounce candles or 24 one-ounce Skinny Minis.

    We also offer private label with a three case minimum and one-time $50 set-up fee. Private label includes one custom top label and your contact information instead of ours on the bottom.

    Payment is due upon ordering.

    Have questions? Feel free to reach out to Lindsey at info@skinnydipcandle.com.

    Who We Work With

    Skinny Dip Candles are great for so many businesses, including:

    • retail stores (large and small)
    • online retailers
    • spas, massage therapists, nail salons and hair salons
    • gift basket curators
    • party planners looking to add a product line to their inventory
    • distributors who resell to other retail and wholesale accounts

    If your business is of any other type, we’d welcome the idea of working with you as well!

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