About Us

The Original Lotion/Massage Candle

Skinny Dip Candles were created by native Missoulian, Karen Porter, in 2004. After seeing a craft fair demonstration of soy candles in which she was asked to dip her fingers into the safe-to-touch wax, she had the "aha" that such a wax could be formulated as a lotion!

Karen founded the company and took special care to develop the proprietary formula for the very first lotion/massage candle on the market with natural, cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing ingredients.

We are so grateful to her diligence in creating such a high quality product!

    The Owner, Lindsey Keeley

    Lindsey Keeley stands in front of her Skinny Dip Candle display.Skinny Dip Candle is now owned and run by another Missoula native, Lindsey Keeley. As a general rule, Lindsey is up for anything creative. Growing up, this often meant writing stories or newsletters for her friends, crafting (painting, building, cutting her sister's hair...), or taking way too many photos on her little film camera.

    The desire to combine many of these creative modes led her to attend college for Journalism at the University of Montana. Though working for the media didn't appeal to her at the end of the day, she appreciated and contemplated the many stories and life paths of the people she met and interviewed. 

    During her college years, the opportunity to purchase Skinny Dip came up and was turned down, despite the excitement and ideas that flowed immediately.

    "I should finish school first," she thought. "I can't afford to take out that kind of loan."

    But she continued to daydream about the company years later, still thinking of what it would have been like, especially as she became more and more interested in herbal healing and aromatherapy.

    After living away from Missoula for nearly a decade, she and her husband, Kevin, were looking to move back home. Serendipitously, the opportunity to purchase Skinny Dip resurfaced. It didn't take much convincing to make it work this time!

    Since the summer of 2020 (yes, that ominous year), Lindsey has run the little "factory" out of the garage of her home in Missoula, MT, with the efficient help of her husband.

    Lindsey aims to continue to provide the highest quality products while infusing some of her creative spirit and love of people in general.