How do I use Skinny Dip Candles?

Skinny Dip Candles are very easy to use! They can, of course, be used as a normal candle simply by lighting it.

For use as lotion or massage oil, you'll need to:

  • Light the candle
  • Wait for a sizeable melt pool to form (here's our Burn Time Estimator)
  • Extinguish the flame
  • Pour or scoop the wax directly onto skin. You do not need to wait for the wax to cool! It will only warm to a comfortable 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Massage the wax into skin

For use as a balm, just scoop out the wax while it's cool using the provided scoop or the back of your thumbnail and rub it in.

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Are Skinny Dip Candles really safe for use on skin?
Absolutely! Skinny Dip Candles were formulated for use on skin, which is why we selected a soy base and added ingredients that are nourishing and moisturizing such as avocado oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and more! Even our fragrances are used in small enough quantities to remain non-toxic.

Is it going to bother my sensitive skin?
We have had several customers say the candles do not bother their sensitive skin and we do take care to use the fragrances in low and safe quantities. However, if you have particularly sensitive, deeply chapped or even open skin, we recommend starting with the Bare Naked (Unscented) candle or the Lavender Essential Oil candle as they don’t contain any ingredients that could potentially cause issues. And, of course, please check the ingredients if you have allergies.

What do you use to scent your candles?
We have a large variety of fragrance choices. Some are synthetic and some are essential oil only, which is listed within the product descriptions as well as on the labels. Don’t worry, though, all are used in skin-safe quantities so as not to be toxic! (Note: This also means our candles are not made to scent a large room.)

Some scents that are made with essential oils only include Lavender, Refresh-Mint, Cutie Patchouli and our seasonal Breath of Fresh Air and Candy Cane. We love the benefits they bring and we’ve listed some of them in the product descriptions.

What do you use to scent your edible line?
We use unsweetened flavor oils! They are safe for internal consumption in lickable doses and our ingredients are food-grade. Don’t go around eating your candle, though…

Can I Use Skinny Dip Candles for...

 ... my face?
We don’t recommend our candles for use on the face because several of the ingredients can clog pores. If you have a very, very dry spot, you can use some of the wax on occasion, but using regularly will likely cause breakouts.

... open or severely chapped skin?
If you have open or severely chapped skin, we recommend sticking to our Bare Naked (Unscented) or Lavender Essential Oil candles. These will be your safest options. You can also use these on sunburn. For more details on that, check out our blog!

... my hair/beard?
The answer is a resounding yes! All our ingredients are actually quite nourishing for your hair! You can use your wax as a hair mask, followed by washing it out, or use like I do on my curly hair and just put a tiny bit into your hands and squish into curls like a leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t take much!

...my feet?
We have lots of customers use Skinny Dip Candles for their feet! Some of them primarily use them for feet actually. They’re super moisturizing and can get through the thick skin on your feet to soften them up from the inside. We highly recommend them for foot massages, pedicures or in your nightly regimen.

... manicures?
Yes! A majority of our wholesale clients are nail salons actually. They use the candles for both manicures and pedicures to create soft skin and clean cuticles. 


Are the tins recyclable?
Our candle tins are 100% recyclable tin and we hope you will indeed reuse or recycle them! The wax can be used down to the very last drop by scooping and using as balm even after the wick runs out. You can then wash it out with dish soap and hot water and re-purpose to hold spices, office supplies, small gadgets and more! Or, simply drop in the recycling. We are also happy to take back tins to sanitize for re-use.

Are the candles vegan or vegetarian?
Our candles are vegetarian however, due to the presence of beeswax, they are not vegan.

Do your wicks have lead in them?
Our wicks are made of interwoven cotton and paper threads that produce a nice, even burn free from lead or zinc. The specially-treated paper threads provide a controlled curling of the wick, making the wicks self-trimming, meaning minimal mushrooming, soot and smoke. The wicks are coated in an all-vegetable wax so you don't have to worry about petroleum products sneaking into your candle, either.

Read our blog about Clean Burning vs Dirty Burning Candles


Do you recommend these for wax play?
A huge yes on this! One of our goals at Skinny Dip is to promote intimacy and wax play is an easy way to spice things up in the bedroom. Our candles are perfect for this because the warm wax can provide a new sensation that won’t actually burn you. Candlelight is always ideal for a sexy atmosphere and we have over 30 scents to choose from to set your perfect mood. We have an edible line as well that can safely be used as lube (though not with condoms since it’s an oil base, see below). It’s gettin’ hot in here!

Can I use Skinny Dip Candles as lube?
You may have noticed we have an edible line that’s ideal for use in sexual play! But are they safe for use as lubricant? The answer is yes and no. As an oil-based product, they are not great for use with condoms as they can cause breakage. However, you can use them without condoms! We recently re-vamped our edible line so the “flavors” are unsweetened and, therefore, should be safe for internal use. We don’t recommend any fragrance or essential oil candles for this. Your best bet, though, is to go with our Bare Naked (or Unscented) candle if your goal is to use your candle for lube.

Will the wax wash out (of my sheets)?
Wax has a tendency to get everywhere. Luckily, our Skinny Dip Candle wax DOES wash out! Dish or laundry soap and hot water should do the trick.