An Abridged History of Skinny Dip Candles

We think it's about time to give you a little history on Skinny Dip Candles. 🤓
Skinny Dip Candles were invented by native Missoulian, Karen Porter, in 2004. After seeing a craft fair demonstration of soy candles in which she was asked to dip her fingers into the safe-to-touch wax, she had the "aha" that such a wax could be formulated as a lotion!
Karen founded the company and took special care to develop our proprietary formula for the very first lotion/massage candle on the market. We are so grateful for her diligence in this process to create such a unique, quality product!
Due to health concerns, Karen sold the business in 2012 to another Missoulian and beautiful individual, Patty Hagglund. Patty ran and managed Skinny Dip until the summer of 2020, when she handed the reigns to current owner, Lindsey Keeley.
Lindsey thanks Patty for her support and willingness to teach, and is so excited for this endeavor. She holds the greatest respect for both Karen and Patty for the love and contributions they put into Skinny Dip and aims to bring her own heart and soul to the table!
Learn more about Lindsey on our About Page.

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