Diving In: Summer Skincare with Esthetician Caitlin Davis

I'm not going to hide that Caitlin is a close friend of mine. She is a wonderful human full of compassion, kindness, smiles and the occasional dork. It also happens that she is an incredibly knowledgeable esthetician and I am constantly bugging her for advice on my skin. Oh and I have yet to find someone who does better facials. (Why must we be in separate towns now??)

Anyway... with the summer sun (and skin damage) approaching, I thought she would be the perfect person to feature this month. I hope you enjoy her splendid advice!

Please introduce yourself and what you do/where you work.

My name is Caitlin Davis and I am a licensed esthetician. I work in a wonderful spa called Indira Spa and Wellness in Bozeman, Montana.

What services do you offer?

We offer holistic skincare treatments, as well as full body treatments, waxing, and tinting/lifts.

What made you decide to be an esthetician?

I didn't always want to be an esthetician! I originally got my Associates Degree in photography. When I was younger, I suffered with horrible cystic acne. My parents took me to a dermatologist, who also had a spa located on premises. So each month when I went to see my derm, I would get a facial. I loved it so much and was hooked on skincare from then on. It wasn't until I was finished with my photography course, that I looked into getting licensed.

What can an esthetician offer to skincare that someone can't do at home?

We are able to access products that are higher quality, as well as stronger formulations that the general public cannot access. With that, we are trained to look for reactions that could possibly occur in the skin with those products. 

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I really enjoy creating connections with my clients! I honestly can say I have made some good friends through my work and I genuinely care about each one of them. They make my work easy, fun, and sometimes challenging. I enjoy seeing their skin transform over time. 

What is the most important thing to taking care of your skin (face vs body)?

SPF AND MOISTURIZER! For both! SPF and sun protection (hats, UPF clothing, etc.) are key to keeping your skin from harmful sun damage that leads to premature aging and skin cancer. 

What are some tips to caring for your skin in the summer?

Keeping your skin clean in the summer is always tough! I like to use an oil-based cleanser to cut through all my SPF, sweat, and dirt! Aloe is my best friend in the summer for body moisturizer, followed up with a little bit of my Skinny Dip Candle on elbows, knees and hands to lock in all the moisture!


What are some ingredients people should watch out for in their products?

Some astringents are labeled as toners, but all they are are Specially Denatured alcohols and other drying ingredients. Toners are meant to help hydrate and balance pH, but SD alcohol should be avoided at all times. It's just way too drying. Here's a list of ingredient names for SD alcohols: https://cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/sd-alcohol-40


Has your skincare routine changed since you came to Montana?

Being from San Diego, my skin didn't need a ton of moisture, as it's a bit more humid there. So I had to change my cleansers and moisturizers to something a bit heavier. But, I've also changed my skincare due to me aging about a decade and needing the extra moisture!

What are some of your favorite products?

This is a hard question as it changes quite often! But, my holy grail moisturizer is Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing cream! I always have a backup in my medicine cabinet.





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