How to Use Skinny Dip Candles for Dry Hands

For those of us living in a semiarid climate with long winters (thanks Montana), it's not uncommon to have cold, dry hands. And with all the extra hand-washing and sanitizing going on the last year, our digits are in a state of deterioration. Luckily, our Skinny Dip Candles can be a big help!

Our fabulous friend and Skinny Dip enthusiast Krista made this quick tutorial for us (with the help of her adorable dog, Penny) on how to use our deeply moisturizing candle lotion to add some hydration into those haggard hands, elbows, feet, or anywhere on the body that needs it.

If your hands are to the point of cracking (or near to it), we recommend putting your Skinny Dip Candle lotion on right before bed and throw some gloves on overnight. You can use thin winter gloves in a pinch, but cotton ones will be more comfortable and can often be found in the toiletries aisle of your grocery store. Unscented is the best for cracking hands (or sunburn for you tropical-based folks) to avoid irritation from the fragrance, but you could also use Lavender as it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

The Lavender is also available in our Skinny Mini size so you can pop it into your purse or pocket and scoop out the wax like a balm when you're on the go!

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