Mother's Day Gift Guide Using Love Languages

I'm sure you've already received a hundred emails or ads about Mother's Day now that it's just over a week away. They all tout sales and the "perfect gift." It can become so much of a hullaballoo that you lose sight of the real purpose of the holiday, to show your mother or your wife that you know her, care about her, and appreciate all she has done for you or your children.

So here's the advice we have for you to make this Mother's Day something extra special: Celebrate mom with the most impact by using her love language!

What Are Love Languages?

If you haven't heard of Love Languages, you may want to pop over to our first blog post detailing more about them. Long story short, each person has a primary love language (a category of behaviors that makes them feel loved or in which they give love), as well as secondary options that may come into play under certain circumstances.

These categories include:

  1. Quality Time- Unhindered time together
  2. Acts of Service- Doing something for them
  3. Physical Touch- Holding hands, hugging, etc
  4. Gifting- Physical gifts
  5. Words of Affirmation- Sharing appreciation verbally or through messages

What is Her Love Language?

If you're not sure what your mom or wife's love language is, your best bet is to observe and consider a few things. Does she prefer a phone call or being in person? What gifts have meant the most to her in the past? Is she always worried about getting everything done? Is she overly stressed? Is she known as "a hugger"?

When you think about these things, what category do they generally point to? If you're still at a loss as to the answer, the most common love language is quality time. It's also possible to mix several of these categories into one gift!

Love Language Gift Ideas

We've collected a few ideas (some free and some not) within each category to help you maximally appreciate the mother in your life. Read on!

Quality Time - Remember, no (or at least minimal) phones!

  • Take her to that nice restaurant she's been wanting to try
  • Spend the day out together (take a drive, go on a hike, visit a park, etc)
  • Get to know each other on a deeper level with a conversation deck
  • Family game night
  • Book an experience (cooking class, hot air balloon ride, etc) or destination getaway

Acts of Service

  • Offer to take the kids while she does something (a night out, creative time, ladies or date night, etc)
  • Clean up the house without being asked (or hire a cleaning service)
  • Cook her favorite meal and do the dishes
  • Help with a project that's been put off
  • Create or print a coupon book with a variety of chores or things you can do for her

Physical Touch

  • Offer or purchase a massage or mani/pedi
  • Give her a big, long hug
  • Get her super soft clothing (socks, loungewear, robe, etc)
  • Get or put together a bath kit (bath bombs/tea, bubbles, candles, lotion, etc)
  • For couples: hold hands and/or cuddle during a movie or date night


  • Get her a subscription box (the gift that keeps on giving!)
  • Take her to her favorite store to pick out something
  • Pick up that thing she's been eyeing
  • Print and frame a picture of a happy moment (or put together a photobook)
  • Create a gift certificate wallet (several gift certificates to places she likes such as restaurants, stores, salons, etc)

Words of Affirmation

  • Call or send a card to tell her how much you love her
  • Write a long letter telling her why she's special
  • Make her a playlist of love songs or songs that make you think of her
  • Post about her on social media (this is in addition to telling her in person of course)
  • Have a piece of jewelry engraved with a special message (like this)

A Combination Gift for All Love Languages

Naturally, we think Skinny Dip Candles are a perfect love language gift, too, because they really can cover all the bases when used as a massage oil. Massage is such a beneficial act of service that is touch-based and requires quality time together. The candle itself is a physical gift (that can be used in daily life as well) and we are happy to include a personal message in our packaging if you need.


It's impossible to thank mothers and mother-figures for everything they do and have done, but we at Skinny Dip hope you feel the love and appreciation you deserve! You are goddesses and superheroes and magic <3

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