Skinny Dip Candles for Wedding Gifts

After a year (practically) without weddings, we are greatly looking forward to being able to celebrate our friends' and family-members' love together again. And oh there are so many ways that Skinny Dip Candles can enhance a wedding! Let's just dive right in.

The Bride
We all know the bride is going to be stressed. Why not get her something for self care pre-wedding? She can use the candle to moisturize her skin and hands (hello glowing complexion!) as well as slow down and relax. Maybe the fiancé will be willing to work in a massage too ;)


The Groom
Our candles could be a subtly sexy pre-wedding gift or, just like the bride, a useful way to relax and moisturize! Grooms like hydrated skin, too! Try So Sexy for Him or an edible fragrance!


The Happy Couple
Are you a wedding guest and want to gift something unique that the couple can use together? A Skinny Dip Candle is perfect! You can even incorporate the scent by selecting Wedding Cake or something reminiscent of their wedding theme or honeymoon location!


Bridesmaid Gifts
Want to ask your bridesmaids or Maid of Honor to be part of your big day in a fun way? Send a Skinny Dip Candle (perhaps our Wedding Cake scent) and a little note with something along the lines of, "Will you light up my wedding?" The scent will remind them of you and get them excited to be a part of the day!


Bachelorette Favors
Set up the night for a sexy start by handing out some Skinny Minis! Light them up while you're getting ready for the night out and use as moisturizer before you leave, or simply provide them as a sultry take-home.


Wedding Favors
We have several Skinny Mini scents that would make for an actually useful gift for your guests, especially if you're having a winter wedding (yay warm lotion). We're happy to discuss personalized top labels and discounts for large orders!


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