Playlists: Home for the Holidays Collection

The Home for the Holidays Collection is all about vibes, aesthetic and home. And we just don't think it would be complete without a playlist for each scent!

They can be listened to on Spotify :)

Each playlist is 4 hours long, which is our suggested maximum burn time for ideal safety and candle life. So, if you run out of music on your playlist, it's time to blow out your candle!


Eclectic Abode

A variety of genres featuring songs with a vintage twist or unique aspects for those who love something a little different.

Created in large part by DJ Tommy Coffee of our local radio station, The Trail.

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Warm & Cozy

Upbeat songs for small gatherings or cozying up with a cup of cider.

Created in collaboration with Warm House Designs (who drew and designed the labels for this collection).

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Jungle Vibes

A genre-bending mix of upbeat songs about nature and wildness.

Created in collaboration with Amy of Cambie Taphouse + Coffee!

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Simple Comforts

Simple and ethereal songs to accompany your alone time and enjoy the good things in life.

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